How do I know it's trustworthy?

We insure order up to $1000 whether it’s online or in-store. Convee is a local Tampa startup that is part of the Tampa Bay Wave startup community. Both ABC and Fox news covered Convee as an emerging business. Hundreds of customers have experienced Convee and you can find reviews on our social media and App Store pages.

What if you can't refund my original card for a return?

We have a seamless gift card process that will promptly deliver your gift card or store credit details back to you. Usually this includes a number and a pin. If you would like the physical card back in your possession just contact us through the app and we will drop it off the next time we are in your area.

What if I have multiple returns?

You can enter multiple items into a single return order. Each item will have a separate return fee and drop-off fee. If there is more than one item being dropped off at the same location, you will only be charged one drop-off fee for that location.

What if I don't know the return Policy details? 

That's OK Convee has you covered. The Convee Staff are experts in major return policies. We have published a summary of return policies from retailers like Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Best Buy and more. Check out the details here. If we have an issue with your return we will either get you store credit or return the item to your home (unfortunately we can't refund the Convee fees when this happens).